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Beard, Mustache, Sideburns

Facial hair depicts masculinity in men. However, growing a beard or mustache may not be easy for some men. You may have uneven or patchy growth, or may have lost your hair as a result of trauma or surgery. Facial hair transplants can restore hair to the beard, mustache and sideburns where hair is missing or thinning. Beard restoration surgery, mustache hair transplant surgery and sideburn hair restoration can range from just filling in deficient areas to creating a full beard or goatee.

Hair for the transplant is taken from the back or sides of the scalp, which most resemble facial hair. Hair grafts called follicular units containing 1-2 hairs are extracted and inserted into recipient sites created where growth is required. Grafts are oriented to give a natural appearance. The microsurgical procedure is performed under local anesthesia and may take about 2 to 5 hours depending on how much restoration is required.

The transplanted hair falls off after 2 weeks and then grows back in 3 months as permanent hair. It can be trimmed and shaved as you would your normal facial hair.

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