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Eye Brow Transplant

The eyebrows play an important role in our facial appearance. Thinning or loss of eyebrows may occur due to burns, repeated plucking, disease conditions, and hormonal imbalance or from genetic defects. Eyebrow transplants can offer a permanent solution to the problem.

During eyebrow transplant surgery, your doctor keeps in mind the characteristic features of eyebrow hair growth:

  • Varied direction of hair growth across the length of the brow
  • Emergence of hair almost flat to the skin’s surface as opposed to the 45° formed on the scalp
  • Growth of hair as individual strands instead of 1-4hair follicular units seen in scalp hair
  • Very short hair cycle growth

Hair grafts are harvested from parts of the body (donor sites) where the hair closely matches that of the eyebrows. Since single-hair follicles are preferred, follicle units of 1-4 hairs may have to be dissected using a stereo-microscope to achieve this. These grafts are kept2-3 mm long to allow curving to match the eyebrow pattern. The planned area for transplantation (recipient site) is then prepared by making incisions or slits with a fine-gauge needle at a very acute angle so as to orient the transplanted hair as flat as possible. The grafts in different parts of the eyebrow are oriented to conform to the natural eyebrow pattern.

Transplanted hair may have slightly different characteristics than eyebrow hair and you may need to trim your eyebrows occasionally but the growth rate will reduce over time.

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