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I lose a lot of hair when I comb and in the shower? Should I be concerned?

On an average, an adult head consists of around 100,000 hair follicles. Each hair goes through a growth phase and resting phase. Around 100-150 enter the resting phase and fall out every day. Although this may seem like a lot of hair, many more grow back in three to four months. This should not be a concern as it is a normal cycle and a natural process of renewal. However, hair loss greater than this causing thinning is a sign of poor hair growth and may require effective treatment.

Am I an ideal candidate for a hair transplant?

Your doctor will recommend hair transplant after assessing your hair loss pattern, availability of donor hair, whether other possible options have failed and how realistic your expectations are. Proper education on possible outcomes will be provided before you are selected for this procedure.

Would FUT or FUE suit me?

FUT is ideal for those who require more hair coverage. One thin, long strip of hair is harvested from the back of the head, which is resistant to balding. It allows a large number of hair grafts to be obtained. However, it leaves a thin scar which can only be noticed when one wears their hair very short. FUE procedure on the other hand does not leave a scar and is preferred if you desire to keep the hair short. Generally younger patients opt for the FUE.

Does a hair transplant look natural?

Hair transplant techniques have advanced greatly in recent years. A lot of attention is paid to details such as a natural hairline and correct angle of hair graft placement to result in a natural appearance.

Can I decide where my hairline should be?

Your doctor will choose an appropriate hairline that matches your age and ethnic background as he knows from experience how hair will grow out and what the end result would be. A hairline that may seem appropriate to you may end up as an unnatural result. The primary factor that determines the outcome of any aesthetic procedure is for you to have realistic goals.

How long does the procedure take?

This depends on the amount of coverage required. A small area of coverage may take about 4 hours, but it generally takes a full day, and sometimes may be spread across 2 days in cases of an FUE procedure with extensive coverage.

How soon does the transplanted hair grow?

Transplanted hair falls out initially but its roots remain and new hair grows out in 4 months. Significant hair growth with coverage may be appreciated after 9 months. By the end of a year, almost all the hair has grown out. The following year, the hair shafts thicken and mature.

Is the transplant permanent?

Hair that is transplanted is obtained from the areas of the scalp resistant to balding. The transplanted hair has been shown to retain this resistance and grows forever.

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