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General Appointment

دكتور / وسام عضاضه

جراح زراعة الشعر
الطب التجميلى / الطب العام
المدير الطبى

For all appointments & enquiries, please call +971 4 513 6154 or +971 55 469 1952.

We are happy to hear from you. Please contact us using the information below:

Proto Clinic Medical
مدينة دبي الطبية إبن سينا
مبنى 27، عمارة أ، الطابق ال6
جناح 605
دبي، الإمارات العربية المتحدة

مواعيد العمل : من الاثنين الى الخميس والأحد من الساعة 9 صباحا الى 5 مساءا.

  • Phone+971 4 513 6154
  • Phone+971 55 469 1952
  • E-mail[javascript protected email address]
  • Webwww.hairtransplant.ae

Online Appointment

To request an appointment, please enter the information and press the “Send” button when you are through.

( * ) Your name and phone number or emails are required fields, so that we can contact you to confirm your appointment

Please arrive 10-15 minutes early for your appointment for registration and to fill in a health questionnaire.

When you come for your appointments, please remember to bring the following

  • Driver’s License or a valid ID
  • Insurance information
  • Referral Letter (if required)
  • Reports, X-rays, MRIs, CT scans etc. and any other relevant information
  • List of medications (if any)

Very often during the course of your evaluation or treatment for an orthopedic condition we will require x-rays to determine the cause of a problem or to evaluate your progress.

To cancel an appointment:

Telephone the office during business hours. Please cancel at least 1 day ahead so that your appointment time can be allocated to another patient who is seeking treatment.

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  •  University of Pavia - Dr. Wissam Adada - Hair Transplant Surgeon
  •  Università Degli Studi di Padova - Dr. Wissam Adada - Hair Transplant Surgeon
  • Harvard Medical School - Harvard University - Dr. Wissam Adada - Hair Transplant Surgeon
  • American University of Beirut - Dr. Wissam Adada - Hair Transplant Surgeon